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Crafting one-of-a-kind bridal dreams, one veil at a time for the past 3 decades.
30+ years ago I made my own dream veil, after being unable to find a bubble veil I liked in the early 90's. Being a seamstress since my high school days, I've sewn through many style and fashion fads (I made the flower girl dress too, but that's a story for a different day.)

Crowning Moment Veils came into being from my daughter -in-law's unsuccessful search for a pink tinted veil.  I love creating different color combinations and elegant styles with a unique look. I've made all three daughters' communion veils, each with a unique touch of floral color. I've since made the wedding veils for 2 of those 3 daughters, and for my 2 daughter-in-laws (soon to be 3.)

At Crowning Moment Veils we strive to create veils uniquely suited to each bride, creating a one of a kind memory as you walk down the aisle. A wedding day is the beginning of a new and exciting time in your life - let us help you be remembered as breathtaking.     

- Stephanie Tomaszewski 

Veils That Started My Journey

I mentioned making my daughters' veils, as well as my own. Their personalities all shine through their wedding day fashion choices, and they inspire me every day. I could not be prouder of these women.

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