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Taylor Lozano:
"I highly recommend Crowning Moment Veils! They were so accommodating to exactly the look I was looking for on our big day and went above and beyond to make my veil perfect just for me! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and elegant veil!"
(Wedding date: 7/1/17)
Krista Purcell:
"Everyone in my family and extended family's jaw dropped when I showed them the pictures of the veil! It is truly worthy of vogue."
Mary Arkoosh:
"Crowning Moment Veils made my custom veil for my wedding at it was perfect! It matched my dress exquisitely, it was two pieces so that the blusher over my face could be taken off after the mass! It was light, beautiful material, and so stunning in all my pictures! Crowning Moment Veils was a beautiful part of my wedding day and I am so grateful for their amazing work!"
Lauren Mizell O'Connor (Mother of the bride):
During the winter in 2016, I was vending at a local craft show where they had a small Basket Auction. One of the prizes was a locally made, custom handmade bridal veil. I thought the veil shown at the Basket Auction was just a sample of the work that could be done - I had no idea it was an actual veil. Well....I bought a bunch of tickets and guess what - I won! I sent photos to Kristen, the bride to be. It was much fancier than she had wanted, so I called the creator of the veil and asked if it could be exchanged for a veil much simpler. What a pleasure it was getting Kristen's bridal veil from Crowning Moment Veils from Stephanie Tomaszewski. She did such a beautiful job - Kristen was THRILLED. So if you want to shop local, shop small, shop handmade, shop custom and QUALITY, please send all the brides you know to Crowning Moment Veils.
Kristen Toth:
"I had the most beautiful veil for my wedding, thanks to Crowning Moment Veils! It was exactly what I wanted, and was so well-made and looked BEAUTIFUL with my dress and in pictures. :) Thank you so much for making such an important part of my wedding ensemble look perfect!!!"
Amanda Surfass:
"There are no words to describe this veil other than absolute perfection! It was gorgeous! The lace matched perfectly, the fit was perfect, everything about it is perfect. You blew me away! I couldn't imagine anything more elegant, beautiful and just perfect! Hands down lady you rock! I will always be so grateful and blessed that you made that just for me!"
Terri Dorshimer:
"You made Eric & Amanda's wedding complete. The design of the veil was absolutely stunning."
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